Can I take Viagra in the morning when I am going to have sexual intercourse with my spouse in the evening this day?
It is possible for you to do so, due to the reason that Viagra for healthy men stays in your system for about 36 hours in a row. As long as you are staying healthy, are not smoking, drinking alcohol and eating fat food taking Viagra into your system is a totally safe process. We ask you to keep in mind that taking Viagra is very safe when you are not mixing in with another kind of drugs; it goes for different drugs for the heart, ulcer, diabetes and even insomnia.

What Viagra does in my organism and how is it working in general?
Usually, Viagra, when it gets in your system, direct your blood flow to your male genital. As a result, your erection gets to be stronger and for that matter, you will not have to worry about not being able to keep an erection for as long as you want to. Our advice to you is – do not fill up on heavy and strong alcoholic liquids. Remember that as soon as you are taking Viagra regarding all the precautions you will be able to perform during sexual intercourse and you will not get any side effects, such as headaches, problems with your vision, loose of appetite etc.

I have been depressed for a while and I have a very low self-esteem do you think it can be connected to my erectile dysfunction and other similar problems in bed?
Only you personal doctor will be able to tell you for sure but there is a great chance that your impotence and various erectile related problems have been caused by depression and low libido. When you are not thinking much of yourself or you simply do not want to have sex due to the low self-esteem then you need to talk to a doctor and consult a shrink. On the other hand, Viagra will help you to get up in the bedroom and you will not have to worry about delaying of erection and other related problems while getting intimate.

How much Viagra it will be better for me to take?
When you have never taken Viagra in your system before then it will be better for you to talk to a doctor and get a check-up in order for you to make sure that this particular drug will not harm you at all and your erection will be stronger than ever.
In case there are some issues with your health you may take a smaller dosage of Viagra. Usually, average men who do not have any kind of healthy problems you have to take 50 mg.

I have been stressed for quite some time and for that matter I have serious problems in the bedroom, can you help me to get rid of erection related problems and have a proper sexual intercourse with my spouse for as long as I want to?
Viagra is just an answer to all of your problems. It is not going to help you with depression, but there is a great chance that your erection will disappear very soon. As soon as you decide that taking Viagra is a great decision, it will be better for you to follow certain rules while taking Viagra. The first thing that you will have to do is to make sure that you are eating healthy and you do not have any kind of addictions at all. When you are mixing Viagra with drugs, tobacco, alcohol and other medicine then you can be ready to have certain side effects and various pains in your body. Some men even gain unconscious the same moment they mixed Viagra with alcohol. An erection is going to stay for about couple of hours but Viagra, in general, will stay in your system for over a day. It means that over that period of time you will be able to get a proper erection without any force and your erection will stay for the whole intercourse.