Can depression and low self-esteem lead to impotence or it’s not about it?

When you do not attract women and you have no sex life at all then consequently lead to very low self-esteem and severe depression. Time after time men may even think about suicides and self-harm, even if it sounds crazy so many men have these kinds of thoughts once in a while. Never ignore this depression when you have it, try to go to your doctor or even consult a shrink about this kind of issues.
There are so many reasons why men can become depressed and realize that they do not like themselves and the appearance that they see in the mirror. When you simply do not like the way you look then try to change it as fast as you can. Try to:

– go on a diet and eat healthy food, never eat a lot of pastry, cakes and other sweets in large amounts, try to substitute this kind of sweets with notorious foods, salads and fruits
– Start exercising and improve your body, make yourself fit and buffed. As soon as you will start going to gym then you will see noticeable results and the way how your body had changes in a short amount of time,
– Avoid various bad habits and quit smoking this instant, if you are smoking and drinking regularly your skin becomes darker, you may even experience a rash. Your teeth will look awful and you will get an awful scent from your mouth, as long as you smoke regularly.

When you realize that impotence and ED are serious issues in your life and you simply can not avoid it, then all you ought to do is to try Viagra for male and see how easy it is to get an erection. When you are taking a certain amount of Viagra and erection is not happening at all then you have to consider increasing a dosage. But you have to do so only under a supervising of your doctor, even increase a dosage just because you want to, it will help you to avoid severe side-effects.

As soon as you realize that depression is a serious problem then you will see that curing it is not as easy as it sounds. There are certain symptoms of depression that should not be ignored regarding the fact that this particular disease can lead to ED sooner or later:

– When you see that you can not finish what you have started and you do not have any kind of energy to do so then you may be diagnosed with depression.
When you have serious problems with sleeping and insomnia have been bothering you for a while then try to avoid stressful situations and take a nap, stop smoking and have a healthy lifestyle
– When you have started to eat a lot or on the contrary when you have no desire to eat at all then there is a great chance that you have a depression and it is a serious concern,
– As soon as you feel hopeless and you feel like your life lacks direction than you have to force yourself in concentration on positive issues in your life. This way you will see how important you are and how much your partner and other people appreciate you. As soon as you will manage to feel important and necessary, then depression will disappear this instant.
– When you are thinking about suicide or other ways to kill yourself then you have to get a proper treatment. You shrink will be able to say what is bugging you; you will manage to become a healthy man for sure.

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